Dialogical Emotional Coaching

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Dialogical Emotional Coaching Is your life and career deeply rooted in your heart?

"My strength is in strength of wholeness, in total feeling" ~ Anis Nin

In Dialogical Emotional Coaching a person is invited to look at his or her own self from the perspective of an artist, what opens possibilities of enriching and innovating ones life.

A client goes into emotional experiences and learn to understand them as importnat messages. A contact with bodily experiences is stimulated as a way to connect with ones feelings.

A client learns how to use and integrate the richness and complexity of him self in a productive and innovative dialogue.

Dialogical Emotional Coaching is profound work on one�s emotions and identity in order to stimulate personal and professional development in depth. It has been applied in programs for leaders and practitioners.

One of the main goals of emotional coaching is to liberate the person from his/her "I" prisons - (emotions/positions which limit development) and stimulate access to individual emotional resources.

In usual education people learn how to think but they do not learn how feel and how to optimally involve emotions in their development. This gap can be filled by emotional coaching training.

Why dialogical emotional coaching?

Research shows that emotions have the power to transform the self (Hermans-Konopka, 2006).

We often underestimate the power hidden in our feelings. This power can be dysfunctional (e.g. when people are blocked by their anxiety or when they destroy relations as a result of anger), but it can also be a basis of the highest achievements (e.g. enthusiasm and interest which support the realization of one's most precious values) as well personal and professional development.